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Fire Bird Dybz!

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A Fun Beginning

One day, during a beautiful morning when the sky was bright beaming

blue and purple.


and his younger brother


were watching their favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

Dybz & his younger brother had come to stay at their aunts house for a while since their parents had left on a long trip.

When the TV show ended,

Izaak got up and said

"I'm almost done unpacking bro.

Call me when Kirby or Sonic comes on!"

& left the room.

Soon after,

Axel joined Dybz,

though he wasn't too excited.

Since he was a bit older his interests were

different from Dybz and Izaak.

Axel sat down and asked


Do you plan to watch TV all day?"


being carefree as usual,


"Yeh, probably."

But their aunt wanted to watch tv now so she said

"go outside and play"

Axel had also convinced Dybz to come outdoors by saying he would teach him to skate on his dad's old skateboard.


So, They stepped into the yard,

Dybz was admiring the bright yellowish grass and reddish soil which was something he didn't see much since he was always home indoors either playing Mario or Maui Malard on his SNES.

Quickly they realized

they weren't gonna be able to skate today 

because the grassy yard wasn't suitable

for skateboarding.

A Creative Skatepark


Just then, a neighborhood kid appeared,

standing silently next to them.

I guess he wanted to be their friend,

but he didn't say much.

Axel looked around and noticed that there was an old broken down bus in their property.

he suggested using the flat ground in the bus as a flat surface to skate on.

Dybz, Axel, and the neighbor kid from next door went to the rusty,

abandoned bus.

As They went into the bus they quickly realized that the metal roof inside the bus could be easily taken off which could be used as a smooth surface for skateboarding down the grassy hill.

So, They took it apart and built ramps to learn and practice their skill.

As usual Axel got a minor injury but he just sat on his skateboard & used his Med-Kit which of course he always carried with him and said

"i'm back to full health"

as if he was a video game character.

His mom opens the door and yells "you better not hurt yourself again Axel!"

but he just chooses not to respond.

Dybz Goes back inside for a bit

and notices that his aunt

is distracted by some salesman people selling internet?


Dybz watched tv for a little while but quickly realized that being outside was also pretty cool.

so he goes back outside.

Untitled 47_edited.jpg

Learning from Mistakes



As the sun began to set,

the trio grew bored of skateboarding.


Inspired by letters on the nearby

"Fuego Hills" mountain,

they decided to use cotton from the old bus seats as a fun way to spell out their last name on the ground next to the bus.

The neighbor kid, not being part of the family quickly became

jealous of their creation,

so he set the letters on fire with his dad's lighter and ran away.


of course,

Axel rushed inside to fetch water, while Dybz stayed calm

not knowing that their fun time was starting to become dangerous.

Axel runs inside and quickly comes back outside with what seems to be the smallest water container possible.

So Dybz Starts to laugh as Axel tries to put the flames out,

but of course it does not work!

 He goes back inside for like fourth time so the salesman guy notices and says

"Do the kids really drink that much water?"

but nobody reacts to the comment lol.

The flames attract a mythical space phoenix,

its once vibrant plumage was no longer shimmering.

It looked gray and dull.

As if it were dying.

Even though it seemed as if it were weak it actually was falling rather fast and it was coming straight for that fire near the bus.

Maybe it was looking for a spark

to ignite it’s flame with.

because it crashed straight

into the bus!


a huge fiery


that restored its powers

but also injured Dybz and Axel.


The phoenix,

Back to it's full strength,

Feeling grateful

decides to heal both of them with it's flames.

Dybz and Axel are

miraculously healed, 

then the Phoenix takes off.

And they get to experience

seeing the


Mythical fire bird!

 Which teaches them to

appreciate the beauty and excitement outside of their home.


This experience taught them to explore

and create a story for themselves,

rather than just watch TV and live someone else's story.

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