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The Enigmatic Seed

congratulations on the success of your latest invention!
Your work is paving the way for us to terraform Mars,"

the head of the government research division said,
beaming with pride as she addressed me.

"Now, we have a new assignment for you.
We believe that the 'ōhi'a tree might be the key to our efforts in making Mars habitable.
Your task is to prepare one for space travel.
Are you up for the challenge?"

I'm honored to contribute to this groundbreaking endeavor,"

I replied,
eager to embark on this new mission.

And so,
with the full support of the government I set out to prepare
an 'ōhi'a tree for the mission.

My goal was to test its ability to thrive in otherworldly conditions,
potentially helping us terraform Mars.

As I  dug up an 'ōhi'a tree I found something really unusual.

A strange glow was coming from the ground below the tree's roots.

Captivated by the sight,
I dug a little more,
and there it was

—a bright, glowing seed like nothing I'd seen before. 

At first,
I thought it was just an 'ōhi'a seed,
but the odd glow and the cool pattern that looked like flowing lava
made me scared to even touch it . . . .

The seed,
which seemed super hot,
actually turned out to be cool to the touch just like any other normal seed.

As a Horticulturist
I could assure that we had never seen that type of seed before!

it must have come from the volcano  
but it did not burn. . . .

so I knew that I had found something extraordinary.

Eager to learn more,
I decided to grow this mysterious plant alongside the 'ōhi'a tree
which to my surprise turned out to be really easy.
The seed sprouted much quicker than usual,
I started to wonder why no one had found this plant before.

Maybe the plant can be found deep within the earth's ground
or somewhere there but I am not sure. . . .

To solve the mystery,
I asked the Artificial Intelligence to search
through it's database.

What the AI discovered was incredible!
This long-forgotten seed was once common on Earth about
4,000 years ago!
but it had disappeared,
and people thought it was gone forever.

I couldn't wait to find out more about this ancient plant. . . . 
After many weeks of waiting,
the bright glowing plant had grown so I was able to extract fruit from it! 

These fruits provided me more seeds!
which allowed me to run tests on the mysterious plant.

I wanted to see if it
could withstand fire!
but the plant just burned away
like any other plant. 

I tested the fruit's toxicity
and found out that consuming the fruit was safe.

So, I ran tests on lab mice. 
The results were amazing.
The mice that ate the fruit got stronger by gaining muscle mass,
they became smarter,
and had more energy as they slept half of the time.

it was amazing to see how those lab mice had evolved into a new species.

The seed had survived through the toughest of terrains
and it seems that it makes the consumer very tough as well.
from my observations
I could see that the fruit has healing properties
which also buffs DNA Strands and allow the user
to rege
nerate energy levels much faster.

"I will be the first one to eat this mysterious life fruit after 4000 years. . ."

If my theories are correct then by consuming this fruit, we humans should be allowed to evolve and live longer like our ancestors did in the past . . . .


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